Where are the women? Music’s gender gap

(Content warning for references to sexual assault and abuse; links embedded in the third paragraph of this blog post lead to detailed testimonials of sexual harassment, abuse and violence.) About three years ago I realised I was sick of listening to men’s voices.  An avowed indie kid to this very day, my love for The... Continue Reading →


The Postgrad Journey: To Volunteer or Not to Volunteer?

With everything that is expected of postgrads in order to be considered competitive in the job market post-graduation, it can be hard to know what kind of commitments outside of the PhD are worth prioritizing. Fiscal and time budgets are both tight, amirite! I am writing today because I recently started volunteering in an area... Continue Reading →

2017 In Black & White

With 2017 tucked away and the end of my first PhD year fast approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about the books I’ve read that have shaped my perspective not only for my research, but also on my personal views regarding feminism. Alongside my research, I set a personal challenge for myself to read things... Continue Reading →

Believing Elizabeth Allan

Countless women have come forward this year and reported incidents of sexual assault they suffered at the hands of powerful public figures only to be faced with a “Well I’ve worked with him and he never assaulted me”, or “Everyone knew, why didn’t she say sooner? Why is she saying it now?”. It seems to... Continue Reading →

December Newsletter

  Call for Papers (in order of abstract deadline) Gender and Sexuality in Information Studies Colloquium When & where: 20th-21st July 2018 at Simmons College, Boston Deadline for submissions: December 15, 2017 Please direct any questions or concerns to Emily Drabinski at drabinski@gmail.com   Gender in Management: An International Journal Special Issue Call for Papers... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Bob’s Burgers

  Whether the primary subject of inquiry or a means of escaping it, television plays an important part in most postgrads’ lives.  My go-to twenty-minute escape is Bob’s Burgers, one of the few shows I can actually still watch after years of Gender Studies without shouting, “PROBLEMATIC, PROBLEMATIC!”  and upsetting the neighbours.  Bob’s Burgers has... Continue Reading →

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