Gendering 2020(+1) Conference Programme


Thursday 4th February 2021 

9:45am – 4:15pm 

9:45 – 10am: Opening remarks. 

10 – 11am: Session 1 – Women’s Writing Across Space and Time 

Ross Cameron: “I expected something different – perhaps a wild mountain land inhabited by a half-savage people”: Rewriting Southeastern Europe in Anglo-American women’s travel writing, 1900-1914”. 

Paul Thompson: “Judging the book by the cover: The semiotics of gender in lesbian pulp artwork 1950-1965”. 

11 – 12pm: Session 2 – Thinking Beyond Binaries 

Luan Cassal: “Where is this road going? Notes on discourses of progress in the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGAEurope) annual reviews”. 

Maxwell Davies: “G[end]er Creative Parenting”. 

Ashley Thornton: “Gendered pronouns usage by Chinese EL2 speakers: Investigating epicene forms”. 

12pm: End of morning session. 

1:45 – 2pm: Afternoon session remarks. 

2 – 3pm: Session 3 – Masculinities in Crisis 

Marianna Golinucci: “Like a Fearless Punk Ballad” or, redefining masculinity from a Welsh mining town. The Manic Street Preachers: a case study”. 

Rebecca Jones: “#SoyBoy: Masculinity, Meat and Insult in Twenty-First Century Discourse”. 

Clare Binning: “The Undateables: Inceldom, Entitlement and the State Mandated GF”. 

3 – 4pm: Session 4 – The Gendered Body in the Visual Arts 

Clare McKeown: “Sexual imagery and sexual violence: representational tensions in feminist campaigns”. 

Rachel Thain-Gray: “Who is the ‘woman’ in the ‘women’s’ museum?” 

Camila Cavalcante: “Strategies in feminist photography and the fight for abortion rights: Olivia Harris, Emma Campbell, and Laia Abril”. 

4 – 4:15pm: Closing remarks. 

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