Newsletter August 2017

Calls For Papers (In order of abstract deadline)

  • Placing Medea: Transfer, Spatiality, and Gender in Europe, 1750-1800

Calls for Contributors

Events/Getting Involved

Funding Opportunities/Fellowships/PhDs/Essay Prizes

Network News

  • Our new committee members have been selected and we’ll be introducing them to you all soon, so keep a look out!
  • We’re always looking for more blog posts so why not check out some of the recent posts and if inspiration strikes, please get in touch at

To Get Involved and Stay in Touch

  • Follow us on Twitter @PGRNScotland
  • Email us at PGRNScot@gmail.comto join the mailing list or Facebook group, tell us about an event or CFP, suggest a project, organise a pub night etc.
  • Join our Facebook group: Post-graduate Gender Research Network of Scotland – it is a semi-private group so you must email us if you want to join.
  • Subscribe to our Blog

Best Wishes,

The PGRNS Organising Committee

Lois Burke, Rachel Davis, Alison McNaughton, Ashley Paton, and Rian Sutton


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