Newsletter March 2017


Calls For Papers (In order of abstract deadline)




















Calls for Contributors






  • Whores of Yore – new website looking for content
    • Topics related to sex workers, sexuality, history of sex
    • Word limit 1500 (flexible)
    • Submit to
    • Deadline: Rolling


Events/Getting Involved

  • University of Dundee Sex, Sexuality & Gender Research Hub
    • 3 March 2015
    • 3pm Accountancy Lecture Theatre LR
    • How to Explore Sex, Sexuality & Gender in Research: Short presentations on methods and methodologies


  • University of Glasgow Centre for Gender History Research Seminar
    • 6 March 2017
    • 4pm McKechnie Room 10 University Gardens
    • Christopher Ross ‘An Englishwoman in a Persian harem: the extraordinary case of Frances Blackman




  • University of Edinburgh Gender Politics Research Group
    • 15 March 2017
    • 4:30-5:30 pm Seminar Room 6, basement of the Chrystal Macmillan Building
    • Emily Yarrow (UoE Business School) – ‘REF 2014 and its Effects on Female Academics’ Careers in the UK: A Case Study’
    • Contact:










Funding Opportunities/Fellowships/PhDs




Network News

  • The PGRNS blog is starting to get on its feet. Right now we are focused on keeping a running list of events and conferences as well as provide a way for members to share their work and get in touch. To that end we post all of our newsletters to the blog. We also have a google calendar with reminders about deadlines for cfps and funding opportunities. We have a page marked out for ‘making connections’. We would like to use this page to post bios of our members with information about where they study and the kind of research they are carrying out. If you would like to have your bio included please email it to us at along with a photo if you’d like that included as well.


To Get Involved and Stay in Touch

  • Follow us on Twitter @PGRNScotland
  • Email us at to join the mailing list or Facebook group, tell us about an event or CFP, suggest a project, organise a pub night etc.
  • Join our Facebook group: Post-graduate Gender Research Network of Scotland – it is a semi-private group so you must email us if you want to join.
  • Subscribe to our Blog



Best Wishes,


The PGRNS Organising Committee

Lois Burke, Rachel Davis, Alison McNaughton, Ashley Paton, and Rian Sutton


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