6 Questions with Michelle Jamieson

Michelle is a cross-disciplinary ESRC-funded PhD candidate in the department of Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. Her research, centred around the impact of health on (un)employment during austerity and vice versa, aims to look at this in the context of womanhood, poverty and psychosis in Glasgow. Michelle graduated from the University of the... Continue Reading →


October Newsletter

Call for Papers (in order of abstract deadline) "Serials, Cycles, Suspensions" Interdisciplinary 19th Century Studies Conference When and where: Hotel Whitcomb, San Francisco, CA; March 1-4 2018 250 word abstract and 1 page CV Deadline: October 15th, 2017 More info: https://www.navsa.org/2017/09/17/cfp-serials-cycles-suspensions-10152017-31-42018/ SGSAH Poster Workshop 24 October 2017 University of Edinburgh, Scotland A brief bio and overview... Continue Reading →

Experiences as a first-generation feminist

  Coming into academia as a first-generation college student presented a steep learning curve as an undergraduate, to say the least. As a postgraduate, it created and continues to create a whole new series of challenges in both the family and professional domains. I think that my specific area of study being gender issues certainly... Continue Reading →

Engender Scotland 2017

For those of you who are active in the feminist space on Twitter, you may have noticed #ScotFemFuture was trending earlier this month. This was the result of the Engender conference, where activists, politicians, and feminists from around Scotland came together to speak on key issues of the feminist agenda. I was given the opportunity... Continue Reading →

Interview with Nia Clark

Nia is an AHRC-funded PhD candidate studying at the University of Glasgow. Her research, titled ‘Self, Mirrors & Others: Voices in the Poetry & Plays of Liz Lochhead’ centres around a chronological re-evaluation of Lochhead’s poetry and plays, from her first collection Memo for Spring (1972) to the end of her term as Makar, or... Continue Reading →

Starting Over, Yet Again

Jenn Glinski (@jennski_27) just finished her MRes in Public Policy and is now starting her PhD in Public Policy at the University of Glasgow. Her ESRC-funded project examines the structural and policy contexts of the costs of leaving an abuse relationship. I couldn’t believe my luck when I was selected for a studentship to undertake... Continue Reading →

Newsletter September 2017

 Calls For Papers (In order of abstract deadline) Global Status of Women and Girls: Women, Social Change and Activism: Then and Now 22-24 March 2018 300 to 500-word abstracts Deadline: 3 September 2017 http://www.iaspmjournal.net/index.php/IASPM_Journal/article/view/854/922 Gender and Material Culture 10-13 May 2018, Kalamazoo Deadline: 5 September 2017 (GMCulture18@gmail.com) https://mobile.twitter.com/MMLaidlaw/status/891712362289483779/photo/1 Decorating Dissidence: Modernism, Feminism & the Arts 3-4... Continue Reading →

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