The Work of Integration

When I first embarked upon my PHD research I found I was constantly at odds with myself. You see, I am exploring the relationship between participatory arts practice, and the experiences of integration, place-making and belonging for individuals seeking asylum and those with refugee status in the city. The conflict I found was that the... Continue Reading →


March Newsletter

Call for Papers (in order of abstract deadline)  Policing Race, Gender and Mental Health Deadline: 16 March 2018 When & where: 9 – 10 April, Birkbeck College More information Arts and Humanities Research through a Gender Lens Deadline: 23 March 2018 When & where: University of Stirling, 25th May 2018 200 words abstract to Continue Reading →

War, Weddings, and the Limits of Progress

The recent death of the “real” Rosie the Riveter has brought a well-established narrative about women’s war work back to the fore. Women like “Rosie”, so the story goes, entered the man’s world of manual labour, discarding femininity in the name of the war effort and forever changing the place of women in industrial societies.... Continue Reading →

February Newsletter

  Call for Papers (in order of abstract deadline)   'Man of the House': Masculinity and Domesticity from 1800 Until the Present Day Conference Deadline: 5 February 2018 When & where: 22 June 2018, University of St Andrews More information   Gender, Media and the Middle East Deadline: 5 March 2018 When & where: 21... Continue Reading →

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